Back in Paris (all illustrated in square format)

hector charles & me : guinness time at rock en seine
in the crowd with anaïs & hector during franz ferdinand's gig : it was crazy (unfortunatly the picture's quality is not so crazy)
ultimate groupie of the week but who cares, franz ferdinand are in paris so i take the opportunity to see them live
my mother in a tropical atmosphere
what i eat for breakfast at the moment and the breton bowl because i miss bretagne so much
the cutest of the world
sunday evening cookies
i miss it so i instagram it as if it changed something
late night on the balcony in massy with anaïs maud jules and hector..
my best friends are twins but i don't get to take a lot of pictures with we three gathered, and this one is shoddy, but i love it because they are both here
it's my baby's rentrée last minutes of liberty
you wouldn't think but i'm still suntanned!
saturday night fever : free concert (cover's garden) at st-michel, night out with charles, simon & friends of them
the only photo you will ever get to see my teeth with
photomaton starring the best dog ever

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